Golf & Caddy Psychology Services:

There is no greater relationship in sport then the relationship between a golfer and their caddy. Most times a caddy plays an integral role in the golfers’ overall ability to perform at their peak. Their relationship is a unique dynamic only seen in golf. A golfer relies on a caddy to play multiple roles such as coach, course expert, sport therapist and teammate. Their relationship can be described as pilot and co-pilot, navigating together throughout the round.

Most times when a golfer seeks performance enhancement services, the importance of golfer caddy relationship is overlooked. My services are a stark contrast to the traditional services you may receive with other performance professionals. I assess all possible dimensions to see how that individual’s performance is being affected.

Sports Psychology Caddy: I focus on two types of services that are very unique to the field when compared to your traditional Sport Psychology session. I believe it’s paramount to work on goals that are transferable from my office setting to the golf course. This is possible by using Sport Psychology Principles and Performance Enhancement Techniques during our office sessions. We then move the setting to the course to implement the strategies and goals. What’s important is simulating moments that a golfer may need to initiate their newly learned skills. What makes my services so unique is that I will be caddying for the golfer.

I have spent many years working with golfers at all levels, as both a traditional caddy and performance enhancement coach. My caddy experience couples with my clinical and performance background has allowed me to help golfers reach their full performance potential.

Services include but are not limited to: